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Did you know that Ann's Flowers has been a small business for over 50 years?

Ann's was originally opened in 1967 when it was purchased by Vernon for his wife, Ann.  Vernon and Ann owned and operated the flower shop for 14 years and they decided it was time to pass the pruning shears to Vernon's sister.  They continued to serve Merkel by running the ambulance service.  Later, Vernon worked for Hendrick Hospital and served as constable for Taylor County.

The second "Ann" in our story is Vernon's sister, Cecelia.  Cecelia and Ricky Minze have proudly served the Big Country community for the past 39 years while owning and operating their family farm.  Cecelia bought Ann's Flowers on the first of July, 1981.  If you've lived around Merkel long enough, you may even recall seeing Cody and Christy running around under foot while their mama tended to the shop, later growing into teenagers helping her in the shop.  Running Ann's has been a family affair for the Minzes.  Cecelia has lovingly sent every arrangement or gift out of the shop doors to be a part of your special life moments.  She has had the privilege of helping welcome your new baby; celebrating birthdays and anniversaries; and saying "I love you", "get well soon", and even "I'm sorry".   Cecelia has helped your sons and daughters look their best for prom and homecoming.  She has had the honor of adorning brides and their weddings.  Cecelia has tried her best to provide comfort and pay tribute to your loved ones during your time of loss.  She has loved on your families during the memory making moments of your lives.  After all these years, Cecelia has also decided to pass the pruning shears again and join Ricky in retirement.  

And now, it's my turn to wear the title of "Ann".  My name is Shar Toliver and my husband, Kory, and I are the newest owners of the flower shop.  We hope to continue to proudly serve Merkel and the Big Country.  We know the standards set by the Minze family are high, and we hope the people of Merkel will see the same quality of care they have supported for over 50 years.  We hope you like some of the changes you will see around here as we aim to make Ann's our own family run small business.

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